SMART LOCKS  Intelligent - Keyless 

We have been watching the development of Smart Locks with great interest, waiting for the technology to catch up to the manufacturers claims. The advantages would be game changing.


So, what is a Smart Lock and what can it do?

Retrofit keyless Smart Locks attach to your existing lock


Lock, unlock and open your door using Bluetooth from your smart phone, or other compatible device

Remotely control entry, securely from anywhere in the world through your properties Wifi

Offer a whole range of access options to the main door of your property, home or business.


A good Smart Lock can be more than just a cool gadget 

- Family Home

- No more hassles with key copy worries and expensive lock changes when keys are lost


- Family, friends, or workers use secure time controlled codes sent to their phones to gain access. Unrestricted for your family for instance, or time restricted for your cleaner or contractor


- Open your door remotely when your away from home, no more family or friends waiting on your doorstep if you're running late

- Wheelchair Users & Physical Difficulties


- Change doors into easy access openings for you if you are a wheelchair user, or have other physical difficulties restricting key or lock handling


- Use your phone, keypad or fob options to provide very real solutions to make your life easier. Open your front door to visitors without having to go to the door 


- Provide carers with time controlled temporary access and save trips to the door


- Property Management & Holiday Lets


- Save the time and expense of key exchanges at the property. You no longer need to be present


- Just send time restricted access codes to your guests, cleaning staff or contractors.


- No more hassles of lost keys, or security concerns of key duplication


- Do away with user unfriendly, insurance voiding lock boxes 


- No more keys being locked inside the property


- Increase Your Security


- Remotely monitor and/or receive alerts about the status of your door. Did your vacating guest close and lock the door properly? If not, click a button and secure the property without the need to attend


- Door activity logs provide information of who has entered or left the property and when 


- Set up alerts to notify you when the door is unexpectedly opened, or without authorisation. Perhaps when the property is supposed to be vacant, or whilst your sitting out in the garden




From a locksmiths perspective, a smart lock has to hold up in several areas.

- Does the system have any negative effect on the door's security. Does it actually lock as well as it opens?


- How secure is the data being transferred between the lock and the device, phone or fob? Can it be easily intercepted?

- What are the contingency options? With all the will in the world batteries lose power and signals can drop

- How easy is the App to navigate, and can it actually provide real control of the security of the door?

- How easy is it to pass access codes to others? How easy is it for others to receive and use the code?

- How easy is it to withdraw access codes and protect the lock in the event of a phone or fob being lost?

- What is the post sale customer service like? No matter how good the product, things occasionally go wrong

- Lastly, are there any hidden subscription fees for service or data storage?

So, are they there yet? 

If you have a changeable cylinder on your existing lock then yes, we think they are!


Nuki Keyless Smart Lock Solutions

Award Winning - Highly Intelligent - Smart in Design - Highly Secure - User Friendly

No more keys to carry, lose or handover

Banking Industry Encrypted Bluetooth, automatic unlock and open on approach, lock when you leave

Easy invites to others with entry code access. Restricting / controlling times and dates of access, if appropriate

Optional Wifi Bridge gives you remote control of all your Nuki components from anywhere in the World, or just up the road

Numerous workplace applications, check who came & when. 


Wheelchair and Disability friendly with numerous access possibilities

Multi property management with up to 200 locks under single control

Movement logs, useful to keep track of guests check in and out.


Security alerts are your 24 hour bodyguard, who'll confirm the door has been locked at the end of business, or when someone opens the door unexpectedly. 

Keypad, Fobs and Intercom Opener,  give you unlimited access options, whatever your needs

Keypads are perfect for rental properties, no keys for guests to lose or leave inside. No waiting for them to arrive late


Fobs are useful for intended users who haven't got a phone or would find the smaller object easier to manage 

Intercom Opener connects to your apartment intercom door release, to allow for remote communal door opening to visitors or deliveries

Easy to use App for your phone and a Web account to control with your PC or laptop


So much more than just a cool gadget

See the revolutionary products below


Product Supply & Service Installation Packages

Mlock Locksmiths Algarve have teamed up with Nuki Smart Lock Solutions to bring quality, intelligent and secure products, personally to your door.

Supply Only


DIY'ers order your components direct from us in the Algarve


Manufacturers prices matched as below

Personal door-step delivery pre-arranged door step service

All Nuki products are covered by the manufacturers two year warranty

Please ensure you have checked compatibility with your door and existing lock,

also that you have a correct and compatible cylinder.

Installation & Service Packages:

It's always a leap to embrace new technology, and time can be short so If you would prefer to have your new Smart Lock system fitted, configured and checked by a professional, backed with  a piece of mind support package,

our installation service package may be right for you

- Initial advice and information, to guide you through the possibilities

- Onsite, pre-order compatibility survey, checking your existing door and lock for condition and suitability.


- Help with product selection

- Conduct a Bluetooth signal test. Signals can be effected by some metal lined doors and glass reinforced panelled

- Service your existing lock fine tune mechanism and closing action. A misfitting lock or door can cause undue stress and wear on      the smart lock motor 

- Supply, install and set up your new Nuki lock products 

- Supply and fit new compatible, high security cylinder where required

- User tutorial

- Personal 24 hr phone support and advice  for any emergencies or concerns

- Peace of Mind Service priority emergency response to site, if matter cannot be resolved on the phone.


Please note charges may apply if fault is found to be preventable, or against advice previously provided

All Nuki products are covered by the manufacturers two year warranty

The Product Range

The Award Winning Nuki Smart Lock

Nuki Smart Lock. Perfect for the permanent home

or long term household


where all members have a smart phone


Only €229 

Smart Lock & Wifi Bridge

 €299 (was €328)


Total access control

wherever you are in the world

Smart Lock, Bridge & Keypad

€375 (was €407)


Perfect for holiday rentals Total control with easy guest use

Smart Lock, Bridge & 3 Fobs

    €375 (was €445)


For those who can’t or don’t want to carry a phone

Remote Bluetooth Fobs


€39 singles



Four For


€139 (was €159)

Only €79 

Prices are supply only Including delivery & IVA

Intercom Opener

Only €99


Control your communal street door 

from anywhere in the world. 


Let in the contractor or delivery driver

High Security Compatible Cylinders from €50

Installation Packages from €79


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Whilst we will do everything to advise you prior to ordering, Mlock Locksmiths will take no responsibility as to the compatibility of Supply Only ordered products.

Please do your research and be confident before proceeding. Don't forget the importance of having the correct cylinder


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