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We have been watching the development of Smart Locks with great interest. Waiting for the day they matched up to the manufacturers claims. The advantages would be game changing. But are we there yet?


  Keyless locks with automatic door opening are not just cool gadgets. They provide a whole range of access options to the main      door of your property, home or business.

     - Family or employers can be sent access codes phone to phone, individually tailored to their needs. Unrestricted for your                   partner for instance, or time restricted for an employee or contractor. Bluetooth fobs and digital keypads are also very useful           additions.

     - Change your doors to easy access for wheelchair users, those with other physical difficulties in handling keys or locks.

     - Property managers ave time and expense on key management and exchanges. No more waiting for the delayed guests to               arrive.

     - Open/lock your door remotely with a tap of the App, via wifi. No more family or friends waiting for you on the doorstep.

     - Monitor any unexpected door openings, by phone notifications and alerts.

From a locksmiths perspective, a Smart lock has to hold up in several areas.

      - Does the system have any negative effect on the door's security. Does it lock as well as it opens?


      - How secure is the data being transferred between the lock and the device, phone or fob? Can it be easily intercepted?

      - How easy is the App to navigate, and actually provide real access control?

      - How easy is it to pass access codes to others? How easy is it for others to receive and use the code?

      - How easy is it to withdraw access codes and protect the lock in the event of a phone or fob being lost?

      - Are there any subscription fees for service or data storage?

Well? Finally we have found an award winning SMART lock that stands up to scrutiny! And it's European!

A well thought out, well engineered, intelligent locking system.The quality is outstanding, design handsome, compatibility clever and usability easy. Customer support is comprehensive with video tutorials to maximise user experience.Reliable and robust, with almost all problems due to signal, battery, or touching the wrong button in the app (user error).


Yes, we think we are there yet.

We are so impressed that we have partnered up with Nuki as a supplier and installer of their products in the Algarve.



We are proud to offer our tailor made installation and service packages.

For an agreed fixed fee, we will:


      - Survey your door and existing lock to ensure compatibility, and check and adjust if necessary, the locking mechanism (a failing          mechanism will kill battery life, cause undue wear on the Smart mechanisms and ultimately fail)

      - Conduct a Bluetooth test through metal and glass panelled doors.


      - Tailor make a plan for the best products for your individual requirements (please note: orders usually take 3-5 days)


      - Supply and fit a new, specialist, high security cylinder with five keys (almost always required)

      - Supply, install and adjust Smart lock components as agreed


      - Configure, link and test all components to owners App

      - Provide 24hr direct help line (up to six months from date of installation)



If you think a Smart lock could revolutionise your life and your property, want more information or just like some 'no obligation' advise, please don't hesitate to contact us